Tuesday, January 08, 2002


A nice little B-comedy that feels a bit like a cross between MARY POPPINS and LADY FOR A DAY (with a little dash of MILDRED PIERCE). Ruth Donnelly is Lizzie, maid to the Bentleys; Arthur Treacher, as the butler, is sweet on her in his gruff British-butler way. In the opening scene, the first plot thread is established--she quits because her wages haven't been paid in weeks and goes to work for the Smiths, a middle-class family; Mrs. Smith (Margaret Lindsay) has dreams of social and financial upward mobility. Lizzie is more than happy to egg her on and the family does eventually rise up in status. The second plot thread involves Lizzie's secret: she has a daughter she had to give up to her dead husband's rich parents. Soon, the grown daughter (Anita Louise) is dating Mrs. Smith's brother and Lizzie is trying to keep an eye on her while keeping her secret. There are touches of melodrama here, but the tone of the movie remains light and there are happy endings all around. A pleasant little discovery, even if little of it ever rings true.

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