Saturday, March 09, 2002

Two Ann Sheridan B-Movies

I should have learned my lesson with FOUR'S A CROWD about B-level screwball comedies, but Ann Sheridan lured me in. Although it's rather tedious and not nearly as funny as it thinks it is, Sheridan does make it worth watching. The initial set-up is like MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, with George Brent as a famous writer lecturing in an Ohio city (Cleveland) and Sheridan in the Bette Davis part as his secretary; in this case, the two are romantically involved and the plot hinges on an old college flame throwing a wrench into their romance. The underdeveloped plot isn't worth much more comment, but Charlie Ruggles steals every scene he's in, and Jane Wyman and Lee Patrick add color in supporting parts.

In this one, Sheridan plays a nurse who has a thing for a detective (Patric Knowles); together, the two solve the murder of a rich patient and the theft of the valuable radium that had been used in his treatment. A very light touch and a running time of an hour made this quite bearable. It's not nearly as good as the previous film with the same characters (WHILE THE PATIENT SLEPT, with Aline McMahon and Guy Kibbee playing the characters very differently), and it's not nearly as atmospheric as a mystery in a hospital should be. Knowles and Sheridan are both easy on the eyes.

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