Sunday, April 28, 2002


An MGM B-film, I think, though it feels more like a Warners programmer. Chester Morris is the head intern at a hospital which seems to have a high percentage of wealthy and powerful patients, and lazy doctors who have solidified into an "old guard" and have led to Morris's gradual disillusionment with the medical profession, at least as practiced at this hospital. Robert Taylor is Morris's friend and chief rival. Virginia Bruce is the nurse in love with Morris, even though Morris has proclaimed himself a confirmed bachelor because of his dedication to his profession. Morris gets fired after irritating a rich old fat cat, but he winds up reinstated after risking his life in a showdown with a gangster. In the climax, he manages to save his own life as Taylor operates on him, following Morris's instructions.

Taylor comes off a little less than butch, especially during his melodramatic "I'm really a doctor now!" speech. There's a little beefcake in scenes with Morris and Taylor cleaning up after operations. Morris also executes a nice little bit of casual comic relief, balancing a shoe on his foot as Bruce is lecturing him about being more respectful to the stodgy old doctors. Short and cheap, playing out like an episode of "Ben Casey" or "Dr. Kildare." Billie Burke is a society matron who simply must be attended to by Morris; Donald Meek is an unscrupulous insurance man; Raymond Walburn is one of the villianous old doctors.

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