Thursday, October 08, 2009


First, we hear about a dangerous bandit known as The Bat, a masked villain right out of a 1940's serial, who has been vivisecting animals (and "society is duly alarmed," according to the subtitles). Next, we're at a "neuropsychiatric investigations" conference where we hear from a Dr. Almada who is working on past-life regression through hypnosis. His girlfriend Flora goes under in a scene which involves a big spinning spiral, discordant music, and bug eyes. In her past life, she was Xochi, an Aztec virgin who was caught with a man just before she was to be sacrificed. Her lover is given a potion to drive him mad and she is put to death. With information given to him by Flora, Almada heads off to find Xochi's tomb to recover a breastplate to prove that his regression technique works. The Bat follows along, believing that the breastplate is the key to finding hidden Aztec treasure. Finally, once they all get to the pyramid, there’s the Mummy of the title, Xochi's lover, who kidnaps Flora and is fought, like Dracula, with the power of the cross. This was the first in a series of Aztec Mummy movies (surely you've seen Wrestling Women vs. The Aztec Mummy?); I remember these films being shown on Chiller Theater, in badly dubbed versions. It was nice to see this in its original state, though I can’t say it made me want to rush out and catch the sequels. The bizarre plot threads ultimately aren't connected very well, the acting is sub-B level, and it looks rather cheap. Still, if you must see it, get the recent DVD release which is about as good as this film is likely to look. [DVD]

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