Thursday, March 22, 2012


Cary Grant is a plastic surgeon who runs a Parisian spa and has his own radio show. Genevieve Tobin is Grant's masterpiece, the plain wife of Edward Everett Horton whom he has turned into a vision of loveliness. He doesn't really love her, seeing himself more as her Pygmalion, but Horton is unhappy that Tobin is no longer the woman he married and he divorces her, naming Grant as the co-respondent. Meanwhile Grant’s plain secretary (Helen Mack), who keeps the spa running like clockwork and has a crush on Grant, gets fed up with him and starts an affair with Horton. Tobin gets Grant to marry her by threatening to destroy his "masterpiece" by getting fat. The other important character is Lucien Littlefield, a struggling research scientist who wants Grant to go into business with him. When, on their honeymoon, Grant sees Tobin with cold cream slathered on her face to keep up her beauty regimen, he decides Mack is really the girl for him after all, and everything gets sorted out eventually, with a climactic Keystone Kops-like car chase in Paris that also manages to involve dozens of reproducing rabbits. This is a light comedy in the Astaire-Rogers mold, and Grant even gets to sing a couple of songs. Nothing special, but light and frothy fun. [DVD]

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