Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is an unnecessary remake of the George Arliss movie THE MILLIONAIRE which is only of interest to fans of its stars. Sydney Greenstreet is a rich auto manufacturer who is under doctor's orders to take it easy but he's chomping at the bit to live, live, live. He sneaks out of the house posing as his own gardener and buys half of a struggling gas station--the other half belongs to war vet and all-around nice guy Dane Clark. Of course, Greenstreet has a lovely daughter, Martha Vickers (pictured with Clark), whom he tries to fix up with Clark, even though she already has a boyfriend, Craig Stevens, who is handsome and slick and, we soon find out, not a very nice guy--he runs a neighborhood protection racket which Greenstreet and Clark get into trouble with. There's a nice furniture-destroying fight between Clark and Stevens, but that's it for highlights. Alan Hale has a nice supporting spin and personal favorite John Ridgely appears as one of the racket boys. Directed by Fredrick De Cordova, long-time producer of the Johnny Carson show. You should opt for the original instead.  [TCM]

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