Sunday, October 07, 2012


A bunch of glowing orbs, apparently meteorites flying in formation from the direction of the moon, land on a farm in rural England, and a bunch of scientists doing research on extraterrestrial life head out there to see what's up. When the scientists look at the orbs, alien forces stream out at them and possess their bodies. They take over the farm and spread a deadly sickness, dubbed the Crimson Plague by the press. It turns out that the plague doesn't exactly kill people, but puts them into a death-like state so the aliens can collect them and force them into slave labor to build a rocketship. One scientist (Robert Hutton) who had to stay behind for health reasons winds up being the only one who can approach the orbs intact because he has a metal plate in his head. He and his buddy Zia Moyheddin, who gets outfitted in a goofy tin hat to protect his brain, infiltrate the farm to free Hutton's girlfriend (Jennifer Jayne) and try to figure out what the aliens want. The low budget hurts this film, which is really just a long Twilight Zone episode, as it turns out the aliens, who wear clashing colorful capes, are just misunderstood fellows trying to find a way for their race to survive. There are occasional good moments, and Jayne and Moyheddin are good enough, though Hutton is a colossal deadweight.  [TCM]

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