Monday, September 30, 2013


A woman named Diane goes strolling through San Francisco, oblivious to her surroundings. When she's caught in crossfire from bank robbers, she proves indestructible. At a diner, she flirts with handsome Craig Gamble, an agent for Secret Intelligence Command (SIC). But Diane, wearing only a gold bikini under her trench coat, is really a robot, built and controlled by the evil Dr. Goldfoot, who uses a small army of these sexy robots (or as Austin Powers would say decades later, "fembots") to seduce rich men and get them to sign over money, property, and power of attorney to Goldfoot. But it turns out Diane has made a mistake and she was really supposed to go after eligible bachelor Todd Armstrong. The rest of the movie has Gamble (a bumbler who's known as 00½) and Armstrong tracking down Goldfoot and his sidekick Igor—technically a zombie since he was brought back from the dead. This starts out as a James Bond parody, but it becomes a rather lazy mix of jokey references to spy, action, horror, and sci-fi movies. There's a PIT AND THE PENDULUM scene in which Vincent Price (as Goldfoot) dresses as he did in the original film, and a car chase through the hilly roads of San Francisco. Frankie Avalon is Gamble and Dwayne Hickman is Armstrong—both are nice-looking and charming but are a little lacking in the zest needed for a parody. Jack Mullaney (as Igor) and Fred Clark (as the head of SIC and Avalon's uncle) don't quite catch the proper vibe, either. Only Price, having fun as Goldfoot, gives the movie much life. The opening credits, in Claymation, were done by Art Clokey of Gumby fame, and the title song is by The Supremes—and it's rather catchy. Annette Funicello has a cameo (she's pictured in between Hickman at left and Avalon at right) [TCM]

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