Friday, January 31, 2014


Steve Forrest is a hunky but serious former POW who is now a seminary student on his way to Paris with his friend (Robert Christopher) to finish his studies for the priesthood with a crusty but well-meaning priest (Victor Francen). On the flight over, Forrest gets friendly with a famous fashion designer (Simone Renant) who offers him assistance over the three days of liberty he has in Paris before his studies begin. Soon, he seeks her out for advice when a glamorous blond (Anne Baxter) barges into his taxi and gets him involved in her problems: she left the scene of a murder—she was the victim's mistress—and both the cops and the murdered man's brother are on her trail. This is a rather bland affair; the suspense is so slack that at times it feels like a Paris travelogue—it was shot on location so that's a plus. Forrest is suitably stoic, even a little mysterious; I wanted to know more about his character. For a time, we wonder if he will fall for Baxter and leave God behind, but because Baxter is so clearly a femme fatale, there's not really much danger of that happening. Baxter gives the movie some life with her near-campy performance, which would have seemed more natural if the movie had been closer to a film noir, which it really isn't. I liked Renant but she is given little to do. The film is colorful and the widescreen compositions are nice.  [TCM]

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